Indicow Gir Vedic Bilona Ghee (500ML)

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Best among all

I have tried all the products of your company but this is by far the best ghee. Totally worth it.

Ayurvedic ghee

My ayurvedic doctor asked me to have gir cow ghee with my medicines and thus saw this brand on internet. I ordered from amazon and simply loved this , have been ordering honey as well from your website now since couple of months. little expensive but pure and natural for sure. I am highly satisfied.

Rajeev Arora
Gir cow ghee is best

This is the best form of ghee. I like you qality


Amazing Product

Indicow GIR Bilona A2 ghee is made by traditional Bilona process by first adding culture in the milk to make curd and then the curd is churned to extract butter. The butter is further heated in earthern pots to get the fresh A2 cow ghee which is then packed in glass bottles as per Ayurveda.

PURE A2 VEDIC GHEE: Indicow A2 GIR COW VEDIC ghee is nutritious, healthy and pure with A2 proteins made from A2 milk of indian native cows. Unlike other ghee products that claim to be organic and without lactose, our ghee butter is 100% natural, produced by grass-fed Indian desi cow milk.

Indicow GIR A2 Bilona ghee contains no additives, no preservatives and no added colors, just wholesome goodness.

A2 Cultured Ghee is gluten free, easy to digest and safe for most people with lactose or casein sensitivities.

INDICOW A2 GYR COW GHEE BENEFITS: Maintain Healthy Heart, Strengthen Immune system and bones, Eliminate toxin from body, Boost energy level and Good for skin & hair.